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Carl Zeiss Jena
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Carl Zeiss Jena Binoculars

EDF 7x40 oB

Einheitsdoppelfernrohr EDF 7x40 oB

Mint - out of arsenal stock and never issued to the troops

  • Without radioactive reticle illumination (Tritium-Element) - EDF 7x40 oB (without lighting)
  • Slip-on grey-filters in separate box
  • Including DV Description and Usage

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Some ex factory and new in box Hensoldt/Zeiss 8x30 M Fero-D 16 - still originally packed and not opened yet. Color is "Bronzegrün" (RAL 6031).
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Some unissued, mint conditioned Carl Zeiss Jena "Einheitsdoppelfernrohr" EDF 7x40 out of former GDR Authorities NVA and MDI.
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