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We offer professional and high graded optical instruments from renown manufacturers like Zeiss, Hensoldt, Leica, Kern, etc., which were strictly designed and manufactured in terms of military specifications (Mil-Specs), mainly out of arsenal of armed forces, police or other authorities. Sophisticated and high graded professional military optical instruments for your personal use, available in demilitarized versions as well.

On the basis of our more than twenty years of experience we are able to carefully revise and repair these optical instruments as necessary, which is particularly applied for optical instruments stored in arsenal for years or sometimes decades.

For this reason you have the warranty of proper quality and consequently the guarantee of a really clear view.

Questions or need more information? Please contact us.

Hensoldt FerngläserZeiss-Jena FerngläserHensoldt ZielfernrohreZeiss-Jena FerngläserHensoldt FerngläserHensoldt FerngläserHensoldt ZielfernrohreHensoldt FerngläserDe Oude Delft NachtsichtgeräteHensoldt FerngläserHensoldt ZielfernrohreHensoldt FerngläserZeiss-Jena FerngläserKaps Asslar Zielfernrohre


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Some ex factory and new in box Hensoldt/Zeiss 8x30 M Fero-D 16 - still originally packed and not opened yet. Color is "Bronzegrün" (RAL 6031).
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Some unissued, mint conditioned Carl Zeiss Jena "Einheitsdoppelfernrohr" EDF 7x40 out of former GDR Authorities NVA and MDI.
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